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Sales automation for education

Streamline your lead qualification with Flinkback. Our tailored AI solution handles the qualification process, freeing you up to focus solely on sealing the deal. It’s a simpler, more efficient, and targeted approach to converting leads.

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Revolutionize your online sales with AI


Generate more leads

Transform lead capture with our AI-powered solution, making it intuitive and engaging. Outperform traditional forms and seamlessly enhance any website with our user-friendly technology.

Automate your lead processing

Utilize our AI to deliver real-time, tailored recommendations for every prospect. An automated email swiftly follows, presenting a personalized offer, reducing the time and effort in managing Marketing Qualified Leads significantly.


Automate lead qualification

With personalized offer pages, your prospects instantly receive tailored proposals. Our AI analyzes user behavior to refine interest, automatically turning prospects into Sales Qualified Leads ready for your CRM system.

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