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Revolutionizing lifelong learning

At Flinkback, we promote the journey of lifelong learning through technology. Discover how we bring education providers and learners closer together to unleash the full potential of learning

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Our vision

We dream of a world where every individual successfully navigates the journey of lifelong learning by choosing the educational programs that best suit them. Through optimized educational paths, we want to shape people's lives in a positive way and thus lay the foundation for a better future.

Our mission

With the power of data and artificial intelligence, we support education providers to make the best possible education decisions together with their clients. Our goal is to build a bridge between learners and education providers in order to better identify and achieve individual learning goals.

Our path

The value of education

For us, education is a valuable asset that we promote and protect. We believe in the transformative power of education to change lives and create a better future.


Transparency and fairness

We value transparency and fairness in all of our relationships, be it with employees, customers, partners and all other stakeholders with whom we interact.

Positive cooperation

Our goal is a collaboration in which we improve together and benefit from each other. We strive for positive cooperation to achieve our goals.

Professional equality

We value all voices and opinions equally. We cultivate a culture of equality in which every person is equally important and respected.

Our origin

We founded Flinkback in 2019 with a clear vision to revolutionize education and lifelong learning. From the very beginning, we relied on web-based, data-driven approaches and the use of artificial intelligence.


Pascal Anders, PhD

Yannick Herzog


Ralf Diestelkämper, PhD


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