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Elevate your sales efforts with AI

In the education market, it's crucial to implement effective sales strategies to reach and convert the right individuals. Our AI solutions help you drastically enhance the effectiveness of your sales processes.

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Revolutionize your online sales with AI

Generate more leads

Turn lead capture into an intuitive and entertaining experience. Our proven online consulting boosts interaction with website visitors and promotes lead generation.

Process Leads Automatically

Receive individual recommendations for each prospect in real-time and send personalized offers automatically. This automated process reduces effort and accelerates lead processing.

Qualify Leads Automatically

Utilize individual offer pages and qualify interest based on user behavior up to sales qualification. The automatic forwarding of qualified leads to your CRM system eases tracking and conversion.

Case Study: Studiengemeinschaft Darmstadt

SGD - Germany's leading distance learning school - has pioneered a competence-centered online consulting service for prospective students with the introduction of Flinkback. This initiative has significantly increased the lead conversion rate, surpassing other marketing tools. Additionally, it has laid a robust foundation for personalized sales journeys that align precisely with the professional circumstances of interested individuals. Overall, Studiengemeinschaft Darmstadt has greatly expanded its online sales capabilities.

Products in use

Lead acquisition

Lead management

Lead qualification

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