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AI course quiz for your website.

Convince prospective students they are choosing
the right course in under a minute.

AI course quiz

Your advantages with the AI course quiz.


24/7online consultation

Transform your website into your best student advisor – around the clock, every day of the year.


More Qualified Leads

Easily capture the professional background, personal goals and interests of the users.


Faster decisions

Reassure prospective students they are making the best choice.

Our AI guarantees the highest quality of advice.

4,000+ professions

With over 4,000 professions, every professional background can be covered and considered.

40,000+ courses matched

Our AI is continuously improving - one successful placements at a time.

10,000+ skills

For each recommendation, the semantic relationships of over 10,000 skills are taken into account.

90%+ success rate

The overwhelming majority of users finish an online counseling with our course quiz.


Ready to get started? Book your personal demo now.

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